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It is our normal practice to render accounts monthly or the completion of the matter.  If a matter will take longer than one (1) month, we may send you accounts on a monthly basis or on such other regular basis as we determine to be appropriate.

Payment is due within fourteen (14) days of the date of any invoice.  If an account is not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of the tax invoice, we reserve the right to charge interest on any outstanding amount.

Interest will be charged at the maximum rate prescribed in Rule 75 of the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 (the “Uniform General Rules” (being the Cash Rate Target set by the Reserve Bank of Australia plus 2%) will be charged on any amounts unpaid after the expiry of 30 days after a tax invoice is given to you. Our tax invoices will specify the interest rate to be charged.

We may refuse to do any work on a matter if you:

  • fail to pay funds required on account,
  • fail to pay our bills; or
  • fail to reimburse us for disbursements

within these terms.  If you have a query about an account you should tell us immediately so that we can clear up any misunderstandings or errors before a problem develops.  Similarly if you have difficulty paying an account when it is due, or paying a disbursement where required, you should tell us promptly to avoid, as far as possible, your position being prejudiced.

Where you pay our account by credit card, a surcharge equal to the amount of the merchant’s fee may be added and you agree to pay such a surcharge.

If we are required to commence legal proceedings to recover any payment due to us, you agree that any costs incurred in doing so will be payable by you on an indemnity basis.