We bridge the gap through sustainable expertise.


19 Years Strong

Tom Ellicott
James Welch
  • 2002


    Access Law Group was established in 2002 in Sydney and Wollongong. The firm has always offered a depth of senior accredited specialists across various areas of law.
  • Today


    Today, under the leadership of our two Directors, Tom Ellicott and James Welch, ALG now also delivers legal services to the Greater Sydney area having established its third office in Camden.


ALG strives to form agile partnerships with our clients to deliver first-class service at a reasonable price, bridging the gap between the law and them. We see this as being critical in these uncertain times. Our clients choose to partner with us due to our shared values, and commitment to exceptionalism.

We pride ourselves on our ethics and integrity, professionalism, accuracy, and above all customer service. We are accredited specialists in Commercial Litigation – Insolvency and Business Law, and provide services across areas including family law, property law, estate planning, employment law and criminal law. We are proud to provide our clients with specialist legal expertise and experience that is sustainable to them now, and designed to meet their needs in a changing world.

We recognise our responsibility as a corporate citizen, and have aligned ourselves strongly through our values with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We encourage our clients to join with us to innovate for impact towards a better future.


We engage with each other, our clients and our community with utmost integrity and honesty.


We treat each other, our clients and community with respect and genuine intentions.


We are resilient, adaptive, and proud to be part of ALG, and our community.


We are a pillar of support for each other, our clients and our community.


Embracing technology to maximise flexibility and minimise our environmental impact.


Makes Our History

The future is looking bright with ALG