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Starting a business? Leasing a commercial or Retail premise?

We can act for you to prepare a retail lease or a commercial lease, or help you as a tenant secure a lease.

The difference.  A Retail Lease covers premises covered by the Retail Leases Act.  If the business is selling good and services it is likely to be covered by the Act.  Everything else will fall under a commercial lease.  The Act gives strong protection to both tenants and landlords while commercial leases require stronger attention and negotiation.

The Retail Leases Act NSW 1994 provides strict requirements for retail leases; gone are the days of verbal agreements and hand-written contracts. Any lease is a large financial commitment and it’s important that you receive the right advice before entering into any commercial lease so that you are protected as a lessee (tenant) or lessor (landlord) and that there are no unfair conditions hidden in the fine print.

At Access Law Group, we have the right experienced team to assist you with the process from start to finish including the preparation of the lease, negotiations, signing of the lease and, registration of the lease with the Land and Property Information – a requirement for any commercial lease for a period of more than three years.

Having problems with a Landlord/Tenant? Want to terminate your lease?

Before terminating any lease, know your rights and obligations under the lease! Avoid unwanted litigation and speak with the professionals about collecting unpaid rent, evicting a tenant, or terminating a lease. Our Commercial Group can provide you with a thorough advice about any issues you have in relation to a lease and our Dispute Resolution Group can assist in any disputes you may have and they aim to provide you with the best possible resolution.

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