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Bankruptcy, Debt Agreements & Arrangements with Creditors

It’s embarrassing. We know. You’ve run out of money and owe more than what you have. The worst is that sometimes you have done nothing wrong – it’s completely someone else’s fault!

We have seen it happen to all types of people, and it’s ok.

We have helped people when someone else has committed a fraud on them, sued them for something which seems very unfair, or when their insurance is denied. We have helped people when someone has not paid them for what they supplied, and when a liquidator or trustee is clawing back payments for things they supplied. We’ve helped people with credit cards debts that could not be paid off in a million years, and with loans that cannot be serviced.

If you are in financial strife, there are ways for us to help. To resolve things more quickly.

To take the pressure off you so that you can wake up in the morning and enjoy each day, not wonder which creditor is calling you, which sheriff is knocking at your door.

Seeing us early is key to coming to an arrangement with your creditors. We take the reins and guide you through the process, sometimes with other professional advisors who are better placed to help – whether that be insolvency (bankruptcy), or a less formal arrangement such as a Part IX Debt Agreement, part X Personal Insolvency Agreement, or an informal debt agreement.

One thing is for sure. If you do nothing, things will only get worse.

And yes, taking the first step is hard. You have to acknowledge and accept that you need help. But the good news is that help is there. Contact Access Law Group today. Let our team help you to take the first step towards a debt free future.

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Bankruptcy, Debt Agreements & Arrangements with Creditors

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