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Our role is to ensure you are aware of your rights and obligations and we do so by explaining each step along the way. We aim to simplify the process. We explain the law, but we work with the law to maximise your potential result and minimise the pressure on you. We do this by working closely with you to explore your options and being honest with you if you are in a tricky situation. Our goal is to ensure that any agreement or outcome is sustainable long term to prevent you from needing further legal advice in the same matter.

We strive for success in your matter, and often that is achieved through Alternate Dispute Resolution. Not every matter needs to proceed to Court.

The family law team at ALG are extremely experienced in conducting many forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution options including mediation, round table conferences and more. To learn more about how we can assist you through Alternate Dispute Resolution, click here.

Whilst we endeavour to resolve matters as quickly and as amicably as can be, it is not possible for every matter. In Family Law, no one situation is the same. Sometimes, there is a need to go to Court. Our team has years (specify combined amount?) of experience representing clients in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and Family Court of Australia. We represent our clients with confidence and strength, understanding your individual needs. You can rely on our team to ‘get the job done’ and commit to you and your matter to bridge the gap between the law and you. You can expect assistance with parenting matters including situations of urgency, recovery of children, risk of harm or family violence; and property matters including a division of assets that is just and equitable.

You can learn more about the Court processes in Family Law matters here:

Our Family Law Team consisting of several lawyers are well equipped to assist you in your matter, with having their own experience with the family law process. Our lawyers can each provide necessary insight into likely outcomes in your matter, being part of blended families themselves. Our clients benefit from our ability to draw on our own personal experiences when considering the practicalities of arrangements.

Learn more about options when formalising Family Law agreements here.

At ALG we take a proactive and holistic approach. We work to build long term relationships with our clients, to achieve sustainable outcomes and to help guide you through any legal obstacles in life after separation.

You can get to know more about our family lawyers here:

Contact our Family Law Team on 02 4220 7100 to arrange a fixed fee initial consultation with one of our experienced Family Law solicitors.

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