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Contracts, Terms & Conditions

One of the emerging areas of work for us has been the increase and escalation of businesses wanting us to prepare Terms and Conditions of Trade. These are commonly known as T&Cs and they regulate the relationship between businesses and their customers, suppliers, and also relationships with contractors who might be providing services to other service providers.

We have extensive experience in producing terms and conditions to deal with all sorts of businesses. We prepare T&Cs for professional service providers like engineers, medical professionals, transport companies, tradesmen, builders, manufacturers, suppliers of goods and services – across the board.

We develop the T&Cs with our client so that they are drafted in plain language and, importantly in the language of the client. We identify what the core legal and commercial issues for the supply of goods and services are for our clients.

Apart from dealing with the terms of the supply itself, we also look at areas that we can protect our client’s such as damages claims, insolvency issues which can arise (for example retention of title clauses and recovery), and also deal with specific issues to secure our client’s rights and interests in goods and services until being paid.

When dealing with other parties such as contractors, it is very important to get a good set of terms and conditions in place. It is vitally important to demonstrate that relationship is of a contractor and principle and, not of an employment or agency relationship. Core to this is a properly constructed set of contract terms and conditions.

These documents importantly deal with issues around liability, responsibility of the contractor, and also procedural matters dealing with payments, performance and other issues which are core to the relationship. The relationship with independent contractors, is one of the most vexed in the law and, has been an important area of practice for us for over 20 years. We ensure that our documents (in whatever form) are maintained and are consistent with significant advancements in the law as they arise.

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Contracts, Terms & Conditions

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