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Corporate & Business Lawyer

ALG is a leader in the provision of services in corporate and business law. The area is diverse covering many disciplines. It is the cornerstone of our practice and stands us apart as corporate lawyers in the legal profession and in business.

We have consistently been approached by many other service providers including accountants, financial planners, and even other lawyers, to give assistance on what can become complex and specialised areas of law.

This is just not about selling and buying assets. We deal with many operational and ownership issues in this team.

Tom Ellicott has been an accredited specialist in business law since 2007 and, he leads a team of four lawyers who are supported by a committed and experienced staff.

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This is just not about selling and buying assets. We deal with many operational and ownership issues.

When you engage ALG in corporate and business law matters, we will take extensive instructions and we will often involve your professional advisers.

When structuring any corporate or business law matter, it is important to ensure that all legal documents are correct and that they achieve the desired results whether they be with asset sales and acquisitions, protection, relations between shareholders, business partners, or even family.

We use these transactions to ensure that we are able, legally, to minimise our client’s exposure to the payment of taxation and to also assist in our client’s wealth creation strategies.

We rely heavily on modern technology and with the significant advancement in real time technology such as Teams, Zoom, Skype and other platforms. Because of this, we are able to confer with our clients in real time and execute certain types of documents thus speeding up the efficiency of transactions and significantly reducing costs associated with time away from our jobs, businesses, and importantly our family.

When you engage us to do this work, we will be exploring how to make the transaction as efficient as possible for you – taking into account your own personal circumstances, and dealing with issues which concern you or are a focus in your industry.

Although we will talk about specific issues below, there are tensions in some business relationships whether it is within a business, a company, a family, or even between parties who are providing services to each other.

We identify issues early on and deal with those matters carefully, confidentially, and pragmatically so that people are able to establish effective communication and concentrate on what is most important.

Our job is to resolve an issue, complete a transaction and get you moving on. We have been identified in this space now for a long time as the corporate lawyers who get the job done and fix the problem.

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We problem solve and protect over 500 customers. Our clients come from all walks of life. They are business owners and operators,
individuals, families and seniors. Having a multidisciplinary team means we’re a one-stop shop for all your legal needs. We’ve got more than 30 people working in our law firm, providing practical affordable legal services to customers in the Illawarra Shoalhaven and Greater Sydney.


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