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Property Law Disputes

Most of our wealth is tied up in property. Whether it is the family home, a business relationship for a development, joint land holding, or tenure in a lease, the emotion in a dispute concerning such wealth (and therefore risk) creates high levels of anxiety which needs an equally high level of certainty and effective strategy to manage a dispute arising from it.

The types of property law disputes that Access Law Group have assisted clients with include:

  1. Disputes arising from the sale or purchase of property.
  2. Separating joint interests in land.
  3. Protecting your interest in land, including by lodging caveats and seeking injunctions.
  4. Disputes with neighbours and concerning land boundaries.
  5. Disputes about easements.
  6. Lease dispute for both landlords and tenants (including commercial tenants).
  7. Disputes with Council and adjoining property owners concerning development applications, consents, and zoning.
  8. Disputes with Strata Corporations or Strata Managers concerning strata issues.
  9. Trespass infringements.
  10. Adverse possession claims.

Our team will ensure that a commercial and realistic approach is taken from day 1. We first identity the result you want, and then quickly advise you of what your rights are, what your options are, and the best way to get from A to B.

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Property Law Disputes

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