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Defamation Disputes

You are furious!  The social media landscape has enabled people to defame you, or you to defame, easily, and sometimes inadvertently or unintentionally.

Several times a week we hear: “I’ve been defamed and I need to do something about it.

Simply put, you can do something when someone has said or written something about you (being either a person or small business) which is untrue or cannot be substantiated, and which has caused other people to think less of you. That something may have harmed your reputation, or made someone else think that you are a bad person for some reason.

We take your detailed instructions and review the ‘defamatory publication’. We review the defences which might disentitle you from an action in defamation, and give you succinct advice. If the conduct complained of is defamatory, we issue a “Concerns Notice” under the Defamation Act. Often this quickly and cheaply leads to a satisfactory outcome – such as taking down a publication, issuing an apology, and/or obtaining an undertaking that a republication will not occur.

If the offender refuses to “make amends”, then we draft and file proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW seeking damages, (and sometimes injunctive relief.)

Acting quickly is essential – A court will not order damages if you do not.

Do not delay in seeing us to obtain a preliminary view. If that view is favourable, we will review the matter in detail, and then help you to seek a good outcome.

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