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Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Most people and businesses go through life without needing to enforce a legal right, or respond to an allegation that they have breached someone else’s right. But when they do, an experienced, ethical, thoughtful, and dynamic team of professionals bridges the gap between the law and them, guiding them on the safest, simplest and most supportive path to a sustainable solution.

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We all have a right to seek justice, but unfortunately, it is a rare reality.

You are stressed, anxious, worried, frustrated. It is all unfair, and somewhat overwhelming.
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Welcome to ALG. This is why our clients chose us – no matter the right, no matter the wrong.

James Welch, an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation – Insolvency, leads an agile, experienced and committed team of professionals in the dispute resolution practice group at Access Law Group. ALG is committed to quickly identifying the key facts and issues in dispute so that our clients’ interests can be best served, often through negotiating a resolution without the need to commence legal proceedings.

If proceedings are commenced, we are expertly equipped and experienced in handling all aspects of the dispute until a final resolution, whether that be after a hearing, or at a settlement along the way. The fact is that most disputes resolve informally. We do our best to reach that position early on, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs, and having to carry the emotion of a dispute for months, if not years.


We problem solve and protect over 500 customers. Our clients come from all walks of life. They are business owners and operators, individuals, families and seniors. Having a multidisciplinary team means we’re a one-stop shop for all your legal needs. We’ve got more than 30 people working in our law firm, providing practical affordable legal services to customers in the Illawarra Shoalhaven and Greater Sydney.

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