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Access Your Money

A division of ALG


Take the stress out of recovering your businesses bad debts, and engage Access Your Money today.

Debtor Management

Debtor Management is integral to ensuring your business has sufficient working capital to reinvest and grow.

We will provide you with an assessment of your business by looking at your debtor accounts and ledgers as well as your internal procedures in managing your debtors. Our services will offer you advice in how to minimise your debtors and provide effective credit management solutions.

Credit Applications

Sometimes it is possible to increase sales by granting credit to selected customers. Like anything, there are risks involved when providing this service. We can provide you with the services of developing a comprehensive credit application process.

Our legal services can also assist you in securing a valid credit application. Applying for a credit application is a simple procedural process. Our expertise will ensure that the application contains all pertinent information and the cost of all associated fees as legally required.

Terms & Conditions

The sale of goods and services is an everyday occurrence and is often taken for granted. Terms & Conditions are essential terms in a legally enforceable contract.

When entering into a contact, with either a debtor or creditor it is critical to ensure that the terms & conditions are agreed upon by both parties. We are experienced in preparing and negotiating contracts. So before you in engage in a contract for goods and services, we are happy to discuss the legal nature of the terms and conditions of which you are agreeing upon.

In the event that a party to the contract has breached the Terms & Conditions, we will provide you with the necessary services to enforce the legal obligation upon the other party.

Debt Recovery

Some disputes are simple.  If you have not been paid for goods and services that have been provided, then generally, that dispute falls within the scope of our debt recovery practice group.

We deliver efficient results that allow you to maintain your cash flow and focus your efforts on your business, rather than recovering bad debts.

We are experienced in issuing letters of demand, commencing proceedings by way of Statement of Claim, preparing evidence, obtaining Judgment, and then enforcing the Judgment.


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