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Choosing the Right Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney to Defend You

It’s extremely daunting to find yourself on the wrong side of the law, especially for people unfamiliar with the criminal process. Our criminal defence lawyers from Access Law Group will guide you through the criminal justice system with professionalism and care, helping you reach the best possible outcome.

Author: Tom Ellicott
10 October 2022


You may have committed a crime, but the right lawyer will still treat you with respect. For example, a drink driving lawyer will be understanding and empathetic to the stressful and emotional impact that criminal charges create. Your lawyer will have respect for your reputation, concern for your safety and wellbeing, all while caring about the direction of your case.


The ideal criminal defence lawyer is approachable and clearly communicates legal advice to you in a way you understand. They will also be a good listener. Your criminal defence lawyer should be skilled in applying the relevant law to your specific facts and circumstances, as well as provide clear explanation for the plea options available to you, court procedures and potential legal issues that may arise. Good communication builds a client-lawyer relationship built on confidence and trust.

Honest Representation

A good criminal lawyer carefully considers the evidence against the allegations made against you. They will provide you with honest advice on the prospects of your case. They’ll be thorough and detailed in their preparation of your case for trial and consider all possible defences available to you.

Your criminal defence lawyer should offer honest, determined, strategic representation for you, presenting a defence that is clearly understood by a judge or jury.


Of course, experience in the relevant criminal defence field is important for a good criminal defence lawyer. For example, a lawyer who has worked on a number of drug offence matters will make them a good drug offence lawyer, who is capable of defending a case with confidence. They will know from experience what evidence can and can’t be led by themselves and the prosecution at trial, and strategy to implement to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Drink Driving Lawyer in Wollongong, Camden and Sydney

At Access Law Group, our criminal defence team are experienced in drink driving, family violence, traffic offences, drug offences and more.

For criminal defence legal services in Wollongong, Camden and Sydney, call our team today on 02 4220 7100 or contact us online.