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Have you been told that you have a duty to disclose in a Family Law matter? 

What is a “Duty of Disclosure”?.

Author: Sophie Percival

16 August 2022

What is Duty of Disclosure?

In both financial and parenting family law matters, parties have a mandatory obligation to provide disclosure. This obligation remains until the conclusion of the matter, even through the trial process, if a matter does not resolve.

A party may be asked to comply with their duty in numerous ways. This may include producing physical or digital documents, answering specific questions, and/or complying with Orders.

Duty of Disclosure – Financial Matters (Property)
Parties must provide all relevant financial disclosure, including:

  • All sources of earnings;
  • Interest;
  • Income; and
  • Property

The Duty extends to the provision of business records where a party has an interest in a business.

Duty of Disclosure – Parenting Matters
All relevant information in a parenting matter must be provided at all stages, and information is case specific. The disclosure provided may vary, including documents such as;

  • Medical reports of children and parents;
  • School reports and letters; and
  • Drawings and photographs.

Consequences of Non-Disclosure
The duty to disclose applies to all parties and includes documents that the other party/s do not know about. If a party fails to file an undertaking or comply with their duty of disclosure, the Court may decide to;

  • Refuse to allow the party to use that information as evidence in the matter;
  • Stay or dismiss all or part of the matter;
  • Order costs against the party; and
  • Serve the party with a fine or imprison them on being found guilty of contempt of court for not disclosing the document, or for breaching your undertaking.

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