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Engaging Employees

Taking the next step in your business to engage employees is exciting and, at times a daunting situation given the complexity of employment laws.

Author: Clarissa Sempel

16 July 2021

Employers often have to deal with the cross over of legislation, like the Fair Work Act and the many awards which operate across almost every industry space in Australia but for State sector employees.

Some rules apply to some, and other rules to others.  It creates a somewhat difficult landscape.

It is good to grow, but at the same time you may, understandably, have concerns around the risks of hiring employees, how to classify their employment, and understanding what your rights and responsibilities are.

At ALG, our team will take the time to sit down with you and provide you with advice in relation to your rights and responsibilities as an employer. We also prepare Workplace Policies and Employment Agreements that comply with the legislation and awards, so you avoid the headaches.

Contact the ALG team for your employment and business-related matters on (02) 4220 7100 or by email at to book an initial consultation.